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It’s Okay to Speak Up When You’re Down

The Navy’s Operational Stress Control and Suicide Prevention programs aim to build psychological strength and resilience. With training and practical tools the programs will help Sailors and leaders better navigate operational stress and increase their capacity to withstand, recover, grow and adapt in the face of stressors and changing demands.

While September is nationally recognized as Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, the effort to build resilience and emphasize that Life Counts is ongoing.  We work year-round to promote a Navy that rewards help seeking behaviors and encourages the honest discussion of concerns and challenges faced by Sailors and their families – an important first step to help mitigate operational stress and prevent suicide. We want everyone in the Navy to know “It’s Okay to Speak Up When You’re Down.”

This cartoon is by Mike Jones a Senior Chief Petty Officer who knows that stress is a part of everyday life in the Navy.  Not everyone reacts this visibly to stress so we all need to be on the watch for more subtle indicators of negative stress reactions.  If someone reacts like PR3 Smith, know how to ACT (Ask Care Treat) and to get him the appropriate and necessary help.

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Know Your Zone!

OSC mini Stress Continuum

How is life today?   Are you inspired, energized, or are you struggling a little?  Recognizing how well you are navigating the stress in your life is an important indicator of your health and mission readiness. Knowing your current condition or position is the first step in charting your course – whether it’s to keep doing what you’ve been doing or finding new things you can do to feel better and get back to the Green.

Stress is a fact of life, some stress can actually push us to achieve our personal best, but it’s important to know how to recognize when stress is becoming a problem.  Using the Stress Continuum can help you learn more about the signs and symptoms of too much stress, as well as what you can do to help yourself or your shipmates stay healthy. Download our OSC tri-fold (PDF) and see if you can find your zone.  While you’re there, see where your shipmates and family may be.

Learning to navigate through stressful times helps us become stronger and builds resilience to combat future stress.  Start your trip today by finding out what ZONE you’re in.